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And art...and poetry...and film
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What is “Create That Tune”?

Create That Tune is a bi-annual event inspiring artists, musicians, filmmakers and poets to flex their creative muscles, expand the wheelhouse of their imagination and encourage collaboration with friends new and old. What started as a basic music chord challenge has turned into a varied showcase of talent, featuring challenges for art, film and poetry categories as a regular feature. Participation is encouraged even if it’s your first time writing, painting or playing. We can’t wait to see what you make!

Previous Events

Check out Zoom recording for past events below

Round 1

The one that started it all! This was back when our event was just a simple chord challenge. We were all a little new to playing music over Zoom.

Round 2

A new set of chords mixed with a little art and poetry made this event even better than the first.

Round 3

Our first event with an official Poster

Round 4

This simple event has evolved into a full blown production, complete with animated invitations, opening theme song, logo, intro video and more!